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McLean Values—the core principles on which we stand


McLean Hospital has launched a campaign to inform patients, families, employees, the mental health community, and the public at large about its core values: Integrity, Compassion & Respect, Diversity & Teamwork, Excellence & Innovation. While these values are not new to McLean—in fact, they are at the core of everything the hospital does—this is the first time McLean is declaring them publicly and setting a standard by which patient care, research, and education can be evaluated.

“McLean clinicians, researchers, educators, administrators and support staff aim to conduct themselves in ways that reflect a deep commitment to these values,” said McLean President and Psychiatrist in Chief Scott Rauch, MD. “These values are the essence of McLean; they are at once emblematic of who we are and what we aspire to be.”

The launch of the McLean Values public awareness campaign is the culmination of efforts by the McLean Core Values Group, a committee of 38 staff members from across the hospital’s campuses who dedicated more than 18 months to discussing, soliciting and reviewing feedback, and deliberating in order to articulate the hospital’s values more effectively.

Rauch charged the Core Values Group with articulating “a set of values that forms the foundation on which employees perform their work, conduct themselves and work together.”

“Now that McLean has refined its principles into a set of core values, the goal is to infuse these core values into all that McLean does—clinical care, research, training, staff development and team-building, customer service and collaboration,” said Rauch.

Joseph Powers, PhD, director of Group Psychotherapy at McLean and a member of the McLean Core Values Group, noted that publicly stating the hospital’s values sends a message to patients and their families about McLean and its staff. “These guiding principles serve as an excellent introduction to McLean for patients, families, new staff, visitors, colleagues outside the hospital, and others,” he said. “The statement of values leaves no doubt about who we are, how we conduct ourselves and what we believe in.”

The initial phase of the McLean Values public awareness campaign is part of a multi-year, multi-faceted approach to ensure that these values are more widely understood and engrained in McLean work and interactions. “Stating these values explicitly allows the hospital community to set expectations,” said Catharyn Gildesgame, MBA, director of Strategic Implementation who led the McLean Core Values Group.

According to Gildesgame, as the hospital continues to implement additional phases of the values campaign, all staff, patients and visitors to the hospital will become accustomed to seeing McLean Values prominently displayed on posters, the hospital’s web and intranet sites, as well as in employee orientation and training materials and in patient materials. Gildesgame said that in the months and years to come, employees will be supported, recognized and appreciated for demonstrating these values in their work. Additionally, hospital systems and processes will be refined to reflect these values. “Over the next several years, McLean will work to ensure that the experiences of patients, families, employees, community providers and vendors are consistent with the McLean Values,” Gildesgame said.