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College Mental Health Program
Consultation Service for Institutions of Higher Education
Leveraging our expertise to address your campus' mental health needs

Background and Overview:
The College Mental Health Program at McLean is offering a range of consultation services to college and university administrators, student affairs professionals and mental health providers. As institutions of higher education seek to address the evolving mental health crisis inpreventive and innovative ways, we offer guidance regarding effective resources, programming, policies and practices. We bring six years of direct higher education administration experience in college mental health systems and extensive clinical expertise to the challenges facing college campuses. We are uniquely positioned to address national trends as we treat hundreds of college students from 150 colleges and universities each year. Our approach considers your unique campus climate and culture when working with you to create a comprehensive and coordinated mental health system that serves the evolving needs of your college students.

Designing Your Campus Consultation:
Your campus consultation may include (1) a visit to your campus, (2) an evaluation of your campus mental health system and concerns, (3) individual and group meetings with various administrators and mental health providers, (4) facilitated student focus group sessions and, (5) opportunities for confidential input from key college constituents. You may select from a range of special areas of focus listed below to design a campus consultation tailored to your needs and concerns.

Special Focus Areas-

For fees and more information please contact:
Stephanie Pinder-Amaker, Ph.D. Director, College Mental Health Program @ McLean Hospital Instructor in Psychology, Harvard University School of Medicine; 617.855.2921