The Awards Corner
by Sheila Evans, RN/PC

The Awards Committee was re-structured this spring under the co-chairs Sheila Evans and Michele Bartick. It has been a busy time for the committee.

Margaret Tibbetts Award for Excellence in Nursing Leadership

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     At our Nurses Day Seminar Jeannie Kingsley was honored with the Margaret Tibbetts Award for Excellence in Nursing Leadership. Jeannie is a staff nurse on the STU and an invaluable CPI instructor.

     In June, Jerry Heberlein was awarded the Julia Altschule Award for the highest level of humane patient care. Jerry, a staff nurse on AB2, was presented with the award at the McLean Service Awards Ceremony.

     During the summer months, the committee held three random drawings to select a nursing staff member for a surprise Amazon Gift Certificate. The random drawings were suggested in the original focus groups held to gather information about how the committee could express its gratitude and appreciation to nursing staff. Those who were surprised by winning a gift certificate were: Kate Myers, MHS/NB2; Lauren Fiola, MHS/ECT; and Maggie Malin, MHS/CEC.

     In September the first ever "Teaching/Mentoring Award" will be presented. The committee will meet soon to make the selection. This award has drawn a great deal of attention, and we have already received over 12 nominations- the largest number of nominations for one award since I have chaired the committee in over 15 years!

     The committee looks forward to recognizing and rewarding the accomplishments of our nursing staff in the coming year.