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McLean Inpatient Program Descriptions

Clinical Evaluation Center

Working in the Clinical Evaluation Center (CEC) is like working in the emergency department of a general hospital. All inpatients are seen in the CEC prior to being admitted. This is where staff evaluate patients, determine their needs and decide on a plan of care. Nurses perform an initial assessment, interview patients and review patient records. They plan for the individual needs of each patient and work with other members of the clinical team to ensure a smooth transition to the inpatient setting.

The Clinical Evaluation Center is a highly collaborative practice. Nurses on the CEC work closely with psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and mental health specialists to meet the needs of a culturally and medically diverse patient population (including people of all ages and backgrounds with diagnoses ranging from psychosis to post-partum depression to dementia, to name just a few).

If you like a fast-paced work environment with plenty of opportunities to grow and learn, the Clinical Evaluation Center may be the place for you.

Psychotic Disorders

The Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorders Program offers a comprehensive range of inpatient services for patients suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. Treatment involves a multidisciplinary team approach and strong, research-based practice. Modified primary nursing, a variety of psychosocial, educational and recreational therapy groups, case management and post-discharge planning are all integrated into an intensive, dynamic, teaching-oriented clinical setting. Opportunities for professional growth and development are plentiful in an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration among team members.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Program

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Program (ADATP) is a 17-bed, locked unit serving patients with substance abuse disorders and/or co-existing psychiatric disorders. The program serves adults from diverse backgrounds who arrive at McLean in various stages of vulnerability. It provides a highly structured, supportive and safe environment for patients who need help regaining control of their lives. Nurses play a pivotal role in the assessment and treatment phases of all detox care provided on the unit.

Nurses are integral members of the health-care team providing a variety of services, including medication management, patient education, relapse-prevention techniques and discharge planning. Nurses coordinate the day-to-day operations in this highly collaborative, multidisciplinary practice.

The ADATP offers a dynamic, fast-paced environment that has enormous impact on the patients it serves. Opportunities for education and professional development are always available and the unit has a robust research component.

Short Term Unit

The Short Term Unit (STU) is a 28-bed locked inpatient unit staffed by a team of psychiatric nurses, social workers, mental health specialists, an expressive therapist, a psychiatrist and other specialists available on an on-call basis. While patients present with a wide range of diagnoses, they share a common need for crisis stabilization in a safe, secure and welcoming place. Staff members on the Short Term Unit work hard to create an environment that respects each person's unique needs and the impact of illness on family and loved ones. Collaboration with outside agencies is encouraged.

The structured atmosphere on the Short Term Unit includes several therapeutic group sessions that are psychoeducational in nature. These group encounters focus on illness and medication management, coping strategies, art and other expressive therapies. Family meetings are part of the unit culture.

Because clinical competence is highly valued on the Short Term Unit, numerous educational opportunities are offered to keep staff abreast of the latest medications, treatments, research findings and their applications in the clinical setting.

Geriatric Program

The Geriatric Program, is an 18-bed unit specially designed to meet the needs of patients age 65 years and older who suffer from mental illness.
The collaborative structure of the program includes a team of nurses, case managers, psychiatrists, medical specialists, neuropsychologists and mental health specialists. Group therapies and unit activities are specially tailored to accommodate this older patient population.

Nursing care encompasses the full spectrum of nursing skill and expertise. Interactions with patients, families and others provide ample opportunities for teaching and support. The program offers nurses a professional and enriching work environment as learn about the fascinating life histories of their patients and in turn, prepare their patients to return to home life or be discharged to other supportive settings.

Community Reintegration Unit

The Community Reintegration Unit (CRU) is a 20-bed locked unit serving acutely ill adult psychiatric patients. A strong group approach is integral to the treatment program on this highly collaborative and supportive patient care unit. Nurses use an innovative group structure to help integrate patients into the safe and nurturing environment of the Community Reintegration Unit. A youthful, creative and enthusiastic nursing staff works with patients to help them to manage the acute phase of their psychiatric illness. This treatment program, based on consistent, compassionate, psychiatric care, gives patients the skills they need to successfully rejoin the community.

A diverse patient population, a robust group program and numerous opportunities for continuous learning make this unit an exciting and rewarding place to practice.

Geriatric Neuropsychiatry Unit

McLean's 18-bed, locked inpatient Geriatric Neuropsychiatry Unit serves older patients suffering from various forms of dementia. Patients often present with multiple medical, psychiatric and social issues, offering caregivers a challenging and rewarding work experience. Often, treatable medical conditions are discovered that can lead to a dramatic reduction of psychiatric symptoms. The Geriatric Neuropsychiatry Unit is a fascinating, exciting place to work where nurses are at the center of patient care and treatment. Nurses aren't restricted to physical, psychiatric, or behavioral care; on this unit, they do it all. The Geriatric Neuropsychiatry Unit provides educational support and training presented by experts in geriatric psychiatry and neuropsychology. Quality geriatric care requires gradual adjustments over time allowing staff the luxury of getting to know patients and their families. This is an unforgettable, gratifying environment where nurses have the ability to make a real difference in people's lives. They don't call it 'special care' for nothing!

McLean SouthEast

McLean SouthEast is a 30-bed, adult, acute-care unit located in Middleborough, Massachusetts, the only inpatient unit not located on McLean's main campus in Belmont. McLean SouthEast is a small unit with relatively quick patient turnover and a knowledgeable, experienced staff. The unit specializes in a variety of psychiatric disorders, including depressive and bipolar disorders, psychotic disorders, post traumatic stress and anxiety disorders, acute suicidal ideation and dual psychiatric diagnoses.

Patients at McLean SouthEast are 18 to 80 years old and frequently return home after treatment, although some are discharged to other care facilities or alternate-living situations. The program's newly opened partial hospital service provides short-term, step-down care for patients as they reintegrate into the community after discharge.
The multidisciplinary team of nurses, mental health specialists, doctors, social workers and rehabilitation therapists develop and implement a comprehensive plan of care. Care plans may include milieu treatment (including morning community meetings), milieu groups (such as the mural group), psychopharmacology assessment and adjustment, psycho-education, AA meetings, case management and treatment of minor physical problems.

McLean SouthEast is team-oriented, patient-focused and committed to ensuring the highest quality care to all patients. Teaching and learning opportunities are an integral part of the culture of this unit.