The Awards Corner by Sheila Evans, RN/PC
Recognition of excellent practice

Since publication of the previous Network, the Award Committee has recognized several deserving McLean nursing staff members.

Entry into Psychiatric Nursing Practice Award Linda Flaherty, Senior VP for Patient Care Services, presented Matt Walsh, RN, the hospital's first Entry into Psychiatric Nursing Practice Award at a festive gathering on SBI in January 2009.Matt, who came to McLean as a Resource Team nurse, is an example of how nursing has become a second career for an ever-expanding number of people. He studied nursing after over twenty years in an unrelated field. Matt's skills, competence, and confidence are matched only by his warmth and helpful demeanor. Because he works with every unit, our nursing staff knows and appreciates Matt's presence

Night Staff Recognition Award for Excellence A few months later, in the spring of 2009, Linda Flaherty presented the first Night Staff Recognition Award for Excellence to Mary Grace, RN. In her typical low-key and modest style, Mary chose to receive the award in a small and personal group on her unit, PHII, and she donated the award money to her favorite charity. Having worked the night rotation for over thirty years on many different units, she is known for her leadership and mentoring skills. Beloved by her PHII night staff, Mary handles her shift with calmness, kindness, and skill.

Margaret Tibbetts Award At the Nurses' Day Conference celebration in May, Scott Rauch, MD, and Linda Flaherty, RN/PC, presented the Margaret Tibbetts Award to Anne Kenney, RN, a night staff Resource Team nurse, who also works as a per diem night Administrative Nursing Supervisor. As she moves from unit to unit, she shares her personal resources and her teaching and mentoring skills, which help staff provide the best standard of nursing care to our patients. Everyone who works with Anne appreciates her calmness and strength.

Julia Altschule Award for Compassionate Care At the McLean Service Awards in June, Scott Rauch, MD, honored HenryMboowa, MHS, with the Julia Altschule Award for Compassionate Care. Henry has many talents and is highly regarded by patients and staff on the STU, where he is attentive and compassionate to patients. He founded the Crisis Planning Group, which has been so successful with patients that the STU's overall Patients' Perceptions of Care ratings have improved by all measures. Henry is a trusted and invaluable member of the STU's clinical team.

Call for Nominations In the fall we will ask for nominations for both the Teaching and Mentoring and the Creativity in the Milieu Awards. Be sure to nominate a Mental Health Specialist or nurse from your unit!

Nursing Scholarship Please watch for the application forms for the $1,500 Nursing Scholarship awarded to a staff member actively enrolled in a nursing program.