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Application procedure
Potential volunteers complete an application form and are interviewed by the Program Coordinator and the Supervisor of the area where the volunteer will be placed. The applicant's interests, skills, motivation and availability of time are thoroughly explored.

While qualifications vary according to the position, the following are essential in all volunteer assignments: stability, dependability, ability to relate to people and ability to make a commitment to the required schedule and length of stay. Volunteers must be 18 years of age. Volunteers, like all hospital employees and trainees, must complete a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) form prior to acceptance. They must also attend orientation for new employees.

Attempts are made to match an applicant's qualifications and interests with the needs of areas to be served. The applicant is referred to the appropriate staff person for an interview and a final decision concerning acceptance.

All new volunteers are required to attend the McLean Hospital New Employee Orientation that provides information on the following elements: safety, infection control, hospital mission and governance structure, continuous quality improvement, patient confidentiality, media guidelines, hospital and human resources policies, including the sexual harassment policy, guidelines for reporting incidents, guidelines for conduct with patients and information on patients rights.

Each year, volunteers must complete the Hospital's Mandatory Education Program that includes an annual review of infection control, fire/safety and patient rights. Volunteers also receive a copy of Guidelines for Volunteers.

Volunteers are under the direct supervision of the staff utilizing their services and receive general direction and guidance from the Coordinator of Volunteer Services.

Patient Information
Volunteers are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Staff shares sufficient information about patients with volunteers to enable them to be effective in their work. Volunteers are asked to share their observations about patients with staff.

At the time of termination, supervisory staff completes an evaluation form for each volunteer for inclusion with the volunteer's record. This information is reviewed with the volunteer.

Continuing Education
Volunteers are encouraged to attend the many seminars and conferences the Hospital provides. Please visit the McLean Hospital web site, Department of Postgraduate and Continuing Education.

Infection Control
Volunteers receive materials and training on infection control as part of their orientation and are required to have a TB test.