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Kodak donates ADHD patents

McLean was awarded a family of patents from the Eastman Kodak Company for the development of new diagnostic technology for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The patents, collectively referred to as the ADHD Rapid Check technology, have the potential to lead to a new process for the objective screening of ADHD, one of the most commonly diagnosed—and misdiagnosed—psychiatric disorders in children. Martin Teicher, MD, PhD, director of the Developmental Biopsychiatry Laboratory, will direct the research at McLean.

Center renamed for social work pioneer

In September 2003, officials from the Massachusetts Center for Mental Health and Retardation Services, Inc., paid tribute to Golda Edinburg, MSW, founder of McLean Hospital’s social work program, (above), by renaming the center in her honor.

Levendusky receives national
psychology award

Phil Levendusky
Philip Levendusky, PhD, McLean’s director of psychology and psychology training, (left), received a Career Achievement Award from the American Psychological Association during its annual meeting in August 2003. Among Levendusky’s many contributions to psychology are his establishment and directorship of the nation’s first cognitive behavior therapy inpatient treatment program, which resulted in similar programs being developed throughout the United States.

International guests gather at McLean

During the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Institute on Psychiatric Services held in Boston in October 2003, McLean hosted a reception for more than 100 psychiatrists from as far away as Greece and the Czech-Republic (above). The event featured tours of the Harvard/McLean Brain Tissue Resource Center, the world’s largest “brain bank,” as well as the Neuroimaging Center, which houses three state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging scanners.

Waverley Place greenhouse blossoms
Thanks to a $100,000 donation from Joyce T. Aicher, Waverley Place, McLean’s community rehabilitation program, established a horticultural program at a greenhouse in Waltham, Mass. The program is designed to address both the therapeutic and vocational issues of Waverley Place members. Plants cultivated at the greenhouse are sold by Waverley Place members in McLean’s cafeteria, enabling all to enjoy their beauty.



Installation of McLean's 4T scanner in January 2001.

Brain Imaging Center expands… again
McLean’s Brain Imaging Center, already one of the world’s largest, welcomed a new addition—a 14-ton 3 Tesla (T) magnetic resonance imaging scanner. The 3T joined two other MRIs—a 4T used solely for psychiatric and substance abuse research and a 1.5T used for both clinical and research scans.Installation of McLean’s 4T scanner in January 2001.

Psychiatrist of the year

Jean Frazier
Jean Frazier, MD, director of Child Outpatient Services, (left), was named Psychiatrist of the Year by the Massachusetts Psychiatric Society for work she has conducted leading to fundamental advances in psycho- pharmacology, neurobiology and child development.

APA salutes psychiatry pioneers

The American Psychiatric Association (APA), during its annual meeting in San Francisco in May 2003, recognized two of McLean's most revered clinicians: Shervert Frazier, MD, (left), for his role as founding editor of American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc. and Jonathan Col, MD, (right) for his lifetime achievements as an APA member and a founder of the field of clinical psychopharmacology.

Three McLeaners named full professors

Ole Isacson, Dr. Med. Sci, director of the Neuroregeneration Laboratory, (top), Scott Lukas, PhD, director of the Behavioral Psychopharmacology Research Laboratory, (middle), and Roger Weiss, MD, clinical director of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center, (bottom), received promotions at Harvard Medical School. Isacson was named a full professor in the Department of Neurology, while Lukas and Weiss were named full professors in the Department of Psychiatry.


Wiess (center)


Big Brothers recognize community work

Michele L. Gougeon
McLean Hospital Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Michele L. Gougeon, (right), received the 2003 Joseph P. Lombard Award from the Big Brothers of Massachusetts Bay for outstanding Board leadership contributions to the community and youth development.