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04/09/14 McLean Hospital Offers Support Around Marathon Anniversary
04/09/14 McLean Hospital to Host Discussion about Resiliency in Watertown
02/25/14 McLean Hospital Researchers Find Inherited Pathway of Risk for Schizophrenia
01/21/14 Autism Risk Gene Controls Normal Brain Wiring, Report McLean Hospital Researchers
01/16/14 McLean Hospital Chief Scientific Officer Earns Julius Axelrod Prize


12/20/13 McLean Hospital's Dr. Shelly Greenfield Selected for Prestigious National Award
12/02/13 Increased Brain Activity May Hold Key to Eliminating PTSD
11/30/13 Religious Coping Positively Affects Individuals with Severe Psychiatric Illness
11/26/13 Nancy K. Mello, Pioneer in Substance Abuse Research, Dies at 78
11/25/13 Pope Francis Invites Stem Cell Researcher Ole Isacson to Present at the Vatican
11/12/13 McLean Hospital Featured in Film "Running From Crazy"
11/04/13 McLean's Waverley Place Recognized at the State House
10/04/13 McLean Hospital to Screen Documentary Film Hidden Pictures During Global Web Screening Event on World Mental Health Day: October 10, 2013
09/20/13 Sharon Weinstein, MD, receives lifetime achievement awards in psychiatry
09/17/13 McLean Hospital Researcher Says Intensive, Early Therapy Helps Children with Autism Improve Communication Skills
07/23/13 Patients Prefer Talk Therapy to Psychiatric Medications, Report McLean Hospital Researchers
07/16/13 McLean Named America's #1 Hospital for Psychiatry by U.S. News & World Report
04/25/13 Faith in God Positively Influences Treatment for Individuals with Psychiatric Illness, Suggests McLean Hospital Study
04/17/13 McLean Hospital Offers Support in Wake of Marathon Tragedy
04/05/13 McLean Hospital's Roger Weiss earns Hazelden's Dan Anderson Research Award
04/02/13 McLean Hospital Researcher to Receive New NIH funding as Part of Autism Centers of Excellence
03/04/13 Protein Synthesis Blocker May Hold Key to Reducing Effects of Traumatic Events
02/01/13 Mental Health Parity Reduces Out of Pocket Expenses for Patients


12/14/12 McLean Hospital Study Finds Long-Term Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid Use May Severely Impact Visuospatial Memory
11/01/12 Although Valuable, Brain Imaging Alone Cannot Diagnose Autism
10/26/12 McLean Research Shows Exercise Tied to Higher IQ in Women
10/02/12 McLean Offers Free Depression Screenings at the Boston Public Library
10/01/12 McLean Researcher Francine Benes Earns Prestigious Mentoring Award
10/01/12 Eleven McLean Hospital Scientists Receive NARSAD Young Investigator Awards
05/16/12 McLean Hospital study finds Herbal Extract may curb binge drinking
05/02/12 McLean Researchers Report on a New Nanotechnology That May Enhance Medication Delivery and Improve MRI Performance
02/12/12 McLean Executive Elected Board Chair-elect of the National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems


11/19/11 McLean to Recognize Actress Mariel Hemingway for Her Tireless Efforts to Reduce Stigma of Mental Illness
11/07/11 Suboxone is Most Effective in Treating Painkiller Addiction
09/22/11 Feeling Blue, Anxious or Sad? It Might be Depression
09/06/11 McLean and the University of Colorado Research Shows Improvements are Needed to Enhance Accuracy in Gene-by-Environment Interaction Studies
08/05/11 McLean Study Shows Religious Beliefs Impact Levels of Worry
07/21/11 McLean Becomes First Psychiatric Hospital to Earn Accreditation for Research Subject Protection Program
07/19/11 McLean Named One of America's Best Hospitals
04/11/11 McLean Working to Expand Substance Abuse Services in the United Arab Emirates
02/25/11 McLean celebrates 200 years; reaffirms its mission
01/25/11 McLean Researchers Urge Increased Pain Training for Psychiatrists


12/02/10 University of Utah and Harvard Researchers Take Major Step Toward First Biological Test for Autism
11/15/10 McLean Study Shows Greater Cognitive Deficits in Marijuana Users Who Start Young
09/28/10 McLean Researchers Awarded $1.9 Million Grant for Stem Cell, Blood Research
09/28/10 McLean Hospital Center for Depression, Anxiety & Stress Research to host inaugural event Oct. 1
09/24/10 OCD Stories: An evening of reflection, humor and education
09/20/10 Feeling Blue, Anxious or Sad? It Might be Depression
08/06/10 McLean and Harvard Medical School to Host Nation's Only Academic-Based Coaching Conference
05/31/10 McLean Hospital's Paul Barreira and Martin Kafka Earn Top Honors from the American Psychiatric Association
04/28/10 McLean Hospital to Recognize Actress Glenn Close and Family for National Mental Health Advocacy Campaign
04/27/10 American Heart Association Rapid Access Journal Report:
04/15/10 Long-Term Study of Borderline Personality Disorder Shows Importance of Measuring Real-World Outcomes
03/23/10 McLean Nurse Honored For Continued Support of the National Guard
03/11/10 New Findings May Lead to Improved Treatment of Schizophrenia
03/02/10 Grand Opening of Child & Adolescent Inpatient Mental Health Wing
03/02/10 Breaking the Physician-Patient Boundaries on Facebook?


12/10/09 McLean Announces New Treatment for Chronic Depression
11/12/09 Harvard-Affiliated McLean Hospital Launches First Institute of Coaching
10/19/09 Stimulus Package Benefits Research at McLean Hospital
08/27/09 Statement by McLean Hospital on the death of U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy
08/11/09 McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School 2nd Annual Coaching Conference launched
07/24/09 McLean Hospital Named One of America's Best Hospitals
06/23/09 Study Questions Existence of Unconditional Maternal Love
06/03/09 New Stem Cell Technique Eliminates Risks and Ethical Concerns
05/15/09 Researchers Identify the Brain's On-Off Switch for Fear
05/08/09 Rauch serving as Chair for NAMI Walk 2009
04/27/09 Visit McLean Hospital at the Health & Fitness Expo
04/15/09 Landmark Study Links Steroid Abuse to Key Biological and Psychological Characteristics


10/09/08 Bestselling Author Patricia Cornwell Teams with McLean Hospital
10/09/08 Concord Resident Elected to Massachusetts Psychiatric Society Council
10/02/08 McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School Inaugural Coaching Conference Sells Out
10/01/08 McLean Names Shelly Greenfield, MD, MPH Chief Academic Officer
09/24/08 Major Summit Places McLean Hospital and Dalhousie University at Forefront of Stem Cell Research and New Clinical Trials
09/15/08 Boston-Based Coalition Working to Develop More Effective Measures to Serve America's Youth
08/04/08 McLean Launches Coaching and Positive Psychology Initiative
07/23/08 Novel Imaging Study of Pain Sheds Light on Mystery Condition
07/15/08 McLean Hospital Named One of America's Best Hospitals
06/22/08 McLean Hospital Releases New Tool for Psychiatric Outcomes Survey
05/16/08 Bob and Lee Woodruff of ABC News Honored by McLean Hospital for Furthering Public Understanding of Brain Illness and Mental Health
05/13/08 TIME Magazine Names Harvard "Brain Bank" Spokesperson One of the Most Influential People in the World
05/05/08 Five McLean Hospital Scientists Receive NARSAD's Prestigious 2008 Young Investigator Award
03/19/08 Alcohol Screening, April 10
02/21/08 Neuroregeneration Center at McLean Hospital and the Brain Repair Centre at Dalhousie University Sign Collaborative Agreement


09/27/07 McLean Offers Free Depression Screening on Oct. 11
09/21/07 Martignetti Family Raises Funds for Alzheimer's Research (Oct 7)
09/13/07 Charity Bocce Tournament to Benefit Alzheimer's Disease Program at McLean Hospital
08/22/07 Jack Mendelson, MD, Pioneer in Substance Abuse Research, Dies at 77
08/20/07 Neuron Connections May Be Key to Stemming Parkinson's Disease
08/20/07 Finding on memory could lead to new treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
07/27/07 McLean Earns High Marks in Annual U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals Survey
07/12/07 Risk Factors for Drug Overdose Identified
06/11/07 Study Finds Yoga Associated with Elevated GABA Levels
06/04/07 Identification of Genes Provides New Clues into the Causes of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder
04/30/07 Hormonal Imbalance Triggers Water Intoxication in Marathoners
03/21/07 Study Questions Criteria for Diagnosing PTSD
03/07/07 NIDA Launches First Large-Scale National Study to Treat Addiction to Prescription Pain Medications
02/01/07 First National Survey on Eating Disorders Finds Binge Eating More Common Than Other Eating Disorders
01/03/07 McLean Study Finds Integrated Group Therapy Better than Standard Group Therapy for People with both Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse


10/16/06 Scott Rauch, MD, Appointed President of McLean Hospital and Chair of Partners Psychiatry and Mental Health
09/28/06 Zinc May Play Prominent Role in Fear Response and Other Learned Behavior, McLean Hospital Researchers Find
09/22/06 Feeling Blue, Anxious or Sad? It Might be Depression
09/22/06 Novel Treatments for Neurological Diseases to be Explored at Cambridge Conference
07/27/06 McLean Researchers Identify Chemical that Eases Signs of Opiate Withdrawal
07/25/06 McLean Researchers Using Novel Method to Identify Schizophrenia Genes
07/17/06 McLean Launches Premier Substance Use Treatment Program in Central Massachusetts
05/02/06 New Combination of Treatments is Effective for Alcohol Dependence
04/07/06 Collaborating for Boston Youth
04/04/06 McLean Study Identifies Critical Brain Areas Involved in Stress and Anxiety
03/17/06 Free Alcohol Screenings offered by McLean Hospital (April 6, 2006)
03/06/06 Binge Eating Disorder May Have Genetic Ties, McLean Study Finds
02/01/06 Study Using New Imaging Technology Detects Subtle Brain Changes in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes


11/17/05 Brain Protein May Play Role in Innate and Learned Fear
11/04/05 Study Finds No Psychological or Cognitive Deficits among Native Americans Who Use Peyote Regularly in Religious Settings
11/01/05 McLean Hospital Opens Fitness Center for Patients
10/26/05 McLean Hospital to Offer Free Memory Screenings (Nov 15)
10/18/05 eBay CEO headlines McLean Hospital Gala
10/11/05 McLean Study Identifies New Area of Brain Linked to Drug Addiction
09/28/05 Free Depression Screenings Oct 6
08/22/05 Neural Abnormalities are Same in Animal Model and Postmortem Schizophrenia Brains
07/11/05 McLean Hospital ranked top psychiatric hospital in country
06/17/05 McLean Completes Land Transfer to Belmont
06/06/05 McLean Hospital Land Transfer Paves Way for New Belmont Cemetery
05/16/05 Chinese Herb Significantly Reduces Alcohol Intake, Study Finds
05/05/05 Clinical study results in Parkinson's patients may lead to development of future cell transplantation methods
03/22/05 Free Alcohol Screenings April 7
03/10/05 McLean Hospital Completes Sale of Land for First Phase of Development Plan
02/10/05 Food Ingredients May Be as Effective as Antidepressants
02/04/05 Active Participation at 12-Step Meetings Reduces Cocaine Use
02/01/05 Study Finds Striking Difference in Male Body Image in East vs. West


12/20/04 Modern Treatment for OCD May Have Prevented Hughes' Seclusion
12/12/04 Early Ritalin Exposure May Cause Long-Term Effects on the Brain
11/09/04 McLean Hospital Researcher Awarded NIH Grant to Map the Brain
11/04/04 McLean Hospital Researcher Elected to Elite National Organization
10/07/04 McLean to offer free depression screenings
10/05/04 McLean Hospital Researchers Receive Grants to Study Fear and Schizophrenia
09/14/04 Inaugural suicide prevention walk planned (Oct 16)
09/01/04 McLean Introduces New Tool to Measure Effectiveness of Care
07/30/04 New study on Huntington's disease reveals pathology and new treatment options
06/16/04 McLean Clinicians Honored with Suicide Prevention Award
06/03/04 McLean Hospital Mourns Loss of Revered Schizophrenia Researcher
05/21/04 McLean Hospital Researcher Receives Presidential Award
05/03/04 Study Reveals Discrepancies in Care for Medicaid Recipients with "Carve-Out" Insurance
03/03/04 McLean Hospital Researchers Suggest Cause of Bipolar Disorder
02/12/04 McLean Hospital Opens Psychiatric Treatment Unit in Brockton, Mass.
01/07/04 Keeping Synapses Clean May Hold Key To Fear-Conditioning
01/07/04 Unique Type of MRI Scan Shows Promise in Treating Bipolar Disorder


12/08/03 Ritalin Use in Childhood May Increase Depression, Decrease Cocaine Sensitivity in Adults
11/08/03 Adolescent Stress Can Change Brain During Adulthood
09/30/03 National Depression Screening Day October 9, 2003
08/04/03 Better Methods Needed for Community Screening for Alzheimer's Disease
08/01/03 Study Suggests New Cause for Alzheimer's Disease
05/30/03 McLean Hospital Receives $2.5-Million to Open New England's Only Comprehensive Program Dedicated to Treating Eating Disorders in Teens and Young Women
05/17/03 New Program Offers Hope for Borderline Personalities
05/17/03 Eastman Kodak Donates Patents to McLean Hospital for Development of ADHD Screening Test
04/01/03 Study Finds Link Between Early Pot Use and Lasting Cognitive Deficits - But Is Pot Itself the Culprit?
03/31/03 Unique Experimental Drug Shows Antidepressant Effects
03/05/03 Study is First to Show Cocaine Compromises Immune Response and May Increase Risk of Infection
02/10/03 Common Gene Could Link Multiple Psychiatric and Medical Disorders
01/23/03 Repligen Announces Initiation of Clinical Trial of Uridine
01/17/03 McLean Psychologist Recognized for Excellence in Research, Mentoring
01/01/03 Study Suggests Depressed Men May Benefit from Testosterone Replacement Therapy


11/01/02 McLean Hospital and Repligen Announce Results of Brain Imaging Study of Secretin
10/31/02 Antidepressant Patch Could Become Standard Treatment for Depression
10/28/02 RALLY Program Awarded Grant from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation
10/24/02 Historic McLean Hospital Buildings Offered for Free in Preservation Initiative
10/22/02 NIH Awards McLean Hospital $7.7 Million to Improve Drug Treatment
10/21/02 McLean Hospital Tapped for National Register of Historic Places
09/25/02 Treating Winter Depression Before It Starts
09/14/02 Free Coping Course for Families with Mental Illness
09/02/02 Helpful tips on coping with the Sept. 11 anniversary
08/23/02 McLean to Offer Free Depression Screenings
07/31/02 McLean Researchers Uncover New Link Between Ritalin and Brain
07/25/02 McLean Researcher Receives Prestigious National Award
07/16/02 RALLY Program Awarded Grant from Tufts Health Plan
06/26/02 Former Boxing Champ Rides 4,000 Miles for Charity
05/30/02 McLean Hospital to Dedicate New Children's Treatment Center
05/22/02 Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Lead to Weight Loss in Mentally Ill
05/12/02 Campaign for Mental Health
05/08/02 Frequent Cocaine Use Linked to Heart Attack
04/29/02 New Technology Could Improve Cell Transplants
04/29/02 Campaign for Mental Health
04/19/02 McLean Receives Largest Research Grant in Hospital History
04/10/02 McLean Researchers Uncover Missing Link
03/15/02 McLean Hospital to Conduct Free Alcohol Screening
03/11/02 Activating Brain Hemisphere Lifts Spirits of some Depressed Patients
03/05/02 Does long-term heavy marijuana use produce toxic effects on the brain?
02/11/02 McLean Psychiatrist Receives Top Honors
01/04/02 Study Reveals how Child Abuse can lead to Substance Abuse

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Archived (2000-2001)


McLean Chosen for US Study on Childhood Schizophrenia
Stoneham Resident Named Nurse Director
McLean Psychologist Awarded APA Fellow Status
Bedford Resident Named to Key McLean Post
Waltham Resident Receives Nursing Award
McLean Hospital Receives JCAHO Reaccreditation
Mental Health Parity Needs Your Support Today!
A Call to Action: Restore Mental Health Funding
Early Exposure to Ritalin May Blunt Desire for Cocaine Later in Life
State House Rally this Thursday
McLean’s Waverley Place Opens New Doors for Mentally Ill
Cardiovascular Risks of Marathon Running: Is it Time to Reassess?
McLean Researchers Identify Genes that Trigger Depression
McLean Researcher Receives Coveted Award
McLean to Offer Free Depression Screenings
McLean Hospital Researcher Wins National Award
McLean Names Associate Director of Development
McLean Hospital Researcher Receives Grant
McLean Psychiatrist Named President-Elect of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute
McLean Doctor Honored for Drug Abuse Research
McLean Hospital Psychiatrist Receives Exemplary Psychiatrist Award
McLean Hospital Receives $12.5 Million to Establish Community-Based Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program
McLean Hospital & WCVB-TV Team Up to Help Troubled Teens
McLean Resident Physician Receives Leadership Award
McLean Hospital opens $5-million Neuroimaging Center
McLean Hospital co-hosts conference on Memory Loss and Aging
McLean Psychiatrist Receives Achievement Award
Women’s Menstrual Cycle Holds Clue to Cocaine Response; Estrogen-like Compounds could Play Role in Treatment
Circadian Rhythms Hold Key to New Alzheimer Symptom; Discovery could lead to Treatments for Devastating Sleep Disturbances
McLean Hospital to Host Eighth Annual Anxiety Disorders Screenings
McLean Hospital to conduct free alcohol screening; named as national site for alcohol treatment study
McLean Hospital Names New Medical Director of Continuing Education Program
McLean Hospital to Look at New Treatments for Alcoholism
McLean Researcher Awarded Grants for Drug Abuse Research
Acton Resident Named Public Affairs Manager for McLean Hospital
Conference to Focus on Working Women
Biological Basis of Violent Behavior Deserves Attention
McLean Hospital Announces Staff Honors
McLean Hospital Offers Tobacco Treatment Program

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McLean Researchers Document Brain Damage Linked to Child Abuse and Neglect
New Program Offers Hope to Children with Severe Disabilities
Fetal Transplant Takes Root in Huntington's Patient
Researchers Identify Symptoms of Marijuana Withdrawal
McLean Employee Honored
McLean Hospital Researcher Receives Presidential Award
Largest U.S. "Brain Bank" Receives 5,000th Brain
McLean Offers Free Depression Screening
Roslindale Resident Named Nurse Director at McLean Hospital
Ralph Buonopane Named McLean Hospital Program Director
Newton Resident Named McLean Hospital Director
McLean Hospital Announces Staff Honors and Changes
Coyle named American College of Neuropsychopharmacology President
McLean Hospital Psychiatrist Receives Prestigious Award
Belmont Resident Named Director of Ambulatory Services for McLean
Waltham Resident Named Developmental Associate for McLean Hospital
Arlington Resident Named Director of Public Affairs at McLean Hospital
McLean Hospital Earns Top Honors From U.S. News & World Report
McLean Introduces BASIS-32® WebScore
Taming the Crisis in Child Psychiatric Care
Renowned Researchers to Speak in Belmont
McLean Executive Named President of Association of Behavioral Health Systems
Steroid use may Lead to Heroin Abuse in Bodybuilders, Study Suggests
Eugene O’Neill Autopsy Results Revealed
Three Brookline Residents Race for a Reason
Tewksbury Resident Racing for a Reason
Medford Resident Racing for a Reason
Cambridge Resident Racing for a Reason
New MRI Technique Measures Ritalin’s Effect, Locates Part of Brain Impacted by ADHD
Help Offered for Those Concerned About Alcohol Use
Deputy Commissioner of Mass. DMH to Join McLean Hospital, Partners HealthCare System
"Girl, Interrupted" Author Susanna Kaysen Speaks at McLean Hospital
New MRI will Expand Brain Imaging Program at McLean Hospital
Many Women Bodybuilders Abuse Steroids, Use Other Performance-Enhancing Drugs and Suffer from Body Image Disorders, New Study Reports
Academic Medical Leaders Call for Changes in the Teaching and Practice of Neurology, Psychiatry

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