McLean Hospital & WCVB-TV Team Up to Help Troubled Teens

May 18, 2001 -- Belmont, MA -- McLean Hospital, in partnership with WCVB-TV and its award-winning nightly news program "Chronicle," will present "Troubled Teens: Resilience and Hope," an hour-long special, on Thursday, May 24 from 7 pm to 8 pm on Channel 5.

The show will feature area teens, parents, guidance counselors, teachers and McLean clinicians discussing such critical issues as depression, suicide, sex, violence, drugs and alcohol abuse.

"The goal of hosting this special is to bring these issues to light and to get people talking about them," says Cynthia Lepore, director of Public Affairs for McLean and co-organizer of the show. "Adolescence is a crucial time and it is imperative that we, as adults, understand what many teens go through."

Among the teens who will be taking part in the discussion is Hana, who after being diagnosed with Lupus in the sixth grade, fell into a deep depression. During her depression, Hana says she felt dead and empty inside and would often pray that she would die. With therapy and medication, however, Hana has been able to graduate from high school and is now leading a successful life. She is a budding author and gives private music lessons to more than a dozen students.

A live web chat with a McLean psychologist will be available that evening to viewers who log on to from 7 pm to 9 pm.

The experts participating in the show include David Perna, PhD, director of McLean’s Anger Management Clinic, Carol Glod, PhD, RN, director of Nursing Research, Bill Lopez, partial hospital coordinator for the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Day Treatment Program at McLean, and Ken Duckworth, MD, deputy commissioner for the Department of Mental Health. Pre-taped interviews will feature Joseph Gold, MD, clinical director of McLean’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program and Gil Noam, EdD, director of McLean’s Evaluative Services.