McLean Hospital to Dedicate New Children's Treatment Center

May 30, 2002

Public Affairs

Belmont, MA - On Tuesday, June 4, McLean Hospital will celebrate the dedication of its newly renovated and expanded Hall-Mercer Center for Children and Adolescents with a gala ribbon-cutting ceremony and dinner. The Center will house most of McLean’s treatment, research, educational and community outreach programs that are aimed at helping young people to cope with serious psychiatric illnesses, such as schizophrenia, Tourette’s syndrome, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and pervasive development disorders.

The United States Surgeon General recently found that one in 10 American children and adolescents suffers from a psychiatric illness severe enough to impair functioning, but only 20 percent of those affected are being treated. Furthermore, the need is growing as the number of children increases in the United States, but few services are available due to limited funding.

"The new Hall-Mercer Center is one of the ways we are responding to the crisis in child psychiatric care that our state and country are now experiencing," said McLean Hospital President and Psychiatrist in Chief Bruce Cohen, MD, PhD, who will preside over the June 4 dedication ceremony. "We have significantly expanded our programs and are continuing to add new ones in an effort to provide much-needed services to children in our community."

Beginning last October, major renovations were made to two of the Center’s buildings, East House and the former Plant and Operations (P&O) Building. With three floors and more than 28,000 square feet of space, East House will contain most of the child and adolescent programs on the McLean campus. The P&O Building, located next to East House, will be used as the child and adolescent academic center, where children in the residential and partial program will attend school.

The Center and renovations were made possible through a donation by the Hall-Mercer Hospital.

"As a society, our biggest obligation is to provide our children with the best chance of leading full lives," said Joseph Gold, MD, clinical director of McLean’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program.

"A major part of that commitment is providing accessible medical care, including psychiatric care and specialized education. These McLean programs will be key components of a comprehensive system of care for children," said Gold, who was recently appointed to a three-year term on the state’s newly established Mental Health Commission for Children.

Among the speakers at the June 4 festivities will be John R. Clark, executive vice president for the Hall-Mercer Hospital, and Kathleen Feldstein, PhD, chairman of McLean’s Board of Trustees.

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