Campaign for Mental Health

April 29, 2002

Public Affairs

Belmont, MA - Last week, the Massachusetts House of Representatives proposed a fiscal year 2003 budget that calls for a $55.8 million cut from the state's Department of Mental Health (DMH) budget. Mental Health services in the state are already greatly underfunded and this additional cut will send many people in need out on the streets or into prisons. As a humane society, we cannot cut the budget on the backs of society's most vulnerable.

We must act now and tell our legislators to restore this $55.8 million to the DMH budget and that we support any revenue enhancements that are necessary to do so! Please contact your local House representatives by telephone, fax or email. A suggestion for wording follows on the next page. To find out who your local legislators are, go to or call 1/800-462-VOTE (8683). Please also call House Speaker Thomas Finneran at 617/722-2500 and House Ways and Means Chairman John Rogers at 617/722-2990 to express your concerns.

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