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What Our Clients Say:

"All of the staff deserves immense gratitude and recognition for their help in my road to recovery.  Everyone at Fernside deserves special recognition.  I will never forget Fernside or the people who helped me grow and progress."

McLean Center at Fernside

McLean Center at Fernside
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"I think my experience at Fernside is invaluable.  The individualized attention from the doctors and staff was uniquely satisfying and a crucial part of the program.  The information provided in groups and in individual therapy all came together to help me understand addiction and my problems.  Fernside is a wonderful environment for healing: warm, comforting, safe. Thanks."

"All the staff deserves special recognition.  Staff has been positive, supportive and caring across the board.  Their attitude made a big difference in our ability to feel we can achieve our goal of sobriety.  Excellent food and upbeat attitude of the staff also contributed to a positive recovery.  The entire staff was consistently helpful and they did their best to maintain a cheerful, welcoming attitude."

"I am a very private person and there are very few people I could share this unfortunate period of my life with and Fernside was a pleasant surprise.  I feel fortunate to have had such an intelligent, caring and decent group of people here at the same time that I was here.  It made all the difference in terms of my being able to share my thoughts and problems with others.  From my first day here I knew I was in the right place at the right time.  Thank you."

"I really appreciate the understanding and care that this program provides.  Feedback was great and acceptance of feedback was real.  I will look back fondly on this place and the people here."

"Solid curriculum and program. A nurturing, caring staff and environment. Access to significant recovery resources."

"Working with my individual case manager has been a big help. It felt good to be totally honest with someone. It definitely helped me discover more about myself and my addiction. I feel like a weight has been lifted."

"The facility was warm, welcoming, friendly—a true feeling of being at home."

"I found my 30 days invaluable. New friends, faculty, environment, comfort, listening, and being listened to. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of the program, and that I now have the positive thoughts and attitude to continue my adventure and succeed using all the tools presented to me. Thank you everyone at Fernside."