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Hill Center for Women

Welcome to the Hill Center for Women at McLean:
DBT Solutions for Borderline Personality, Trauma, and Related Disorders

Offering Both Partial and Residential Acute Care

The Hill Center for Women at McLean offers psychiatric and psychological services for women with histories of trauma and related disorders, borderline personality disorder, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders.

Our staff are experts in applying dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to the treatment of trauma. Intensive dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) helps women to overcome self-destructive, impulsive behavior and to regulate their emotions. We emphasize empathy, compassion, collaboration and empowerment to help women build new strength and find new resources to regain command of their lives.

Discussion Group

The group-based treatment program is designed for women who need more structure and intensive treatment than can be received from an outpatient program. The program offers both short-term residential and partial hospital levels of care.

Who We Serve

Woman from throughout the United States, Canada, and other places in the world come to the Hill Center for treatment. We serve a wide range of women, in acute crisis or in otherwise destabilized situations, who are motivated to work hard in a therapeutic environment that employs dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) as the primary intervention.

We aim to provide a safe, supportive, and empathic environment that also challenges women to function at their highest capacity, encouraging empowerment with skills and knowledge, and ultimately increasing their autonomy and a sense of connection and meaning.

Hill Cottage

Hill Cottage

Although our program is for people in acute situations, those who come to the Hill Center have the ability and willingness to work with us collaboratively and to remain safe, sober, and medically stable while in treatment. This requirement supports the important therapeutic work undertaken by each person and ensures a living and working environment that feels safe to all of our clients. The individuals who do best and go through our treatment program successfully are those who can work collaboratively with others and meet our safety standards and policies.

Individuals with severe psychosis, severe eating disorders or those who are medically unstable will be served best by other McLean programs. Individuals with secondary substance abuse will be considered on an individual basis. We generally require a period of sobriety prior to admission.

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For information about the program, please call (617) 855-2595 or e-mail us at

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