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McLean Ambulatory Treatment Center at Naukeag
Ashburnham, MA

What our patients say:

March 6, 2010

To my friends at Harvard of Naukeag:

Harvard's McLean facility at Naukeag literally saved my life. After spending several 28-day stints at five other rehab facilities around the country, I entered Harvard's McLean of Naukeag treatment center in the late fall of 2005. I remained there for just 12 days, and I've not used drugs since. My six-year-long addiction to crack cocaine destroyed my marriage, cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars, led to my alienation from friends and family, and directly resulted in my being violently assaulted in Washington, D.C. while in a drug-induced daze, just prior to going to Ashburnham. The staff at Naukeag were not only professional, but they were -- by FAR -- the most explicit, no-nonsense, yet understanding and caring, counselors I'd ever encountered in ANY of the drug rehab centers in which I'd ever spent time. The atmosphere in Ashburnham not only is conducive to an addict WANTING to get off drugs, but the staff there helps the addict to understand WHY addicts pick up in the first place, and HOW to put the evil habit AWAY for good. Thank you, Harvard of McLean, and the able, kind, and professional staff members who saved my life.



"Just wanted to drop a quick line to thank the Naukeag staff once again for the life changing experience in your program. Each of the staff members was tremendous and all of the groups were varied in topic nature and consistently top notch all the way. Your program is recognized as the top in the state and I feel fortunate to have such a great life changing experience. The special bond that is created between the community members is priceless. You are all very special people!!"

"I am three and half months sober and am happy with my life for the first time that I can remember. The whole program at Naukeag has given me the tools that I have longed for and searched for all of my life to finally deal with life on life's terms."

"I have never been so well treated and felt so valued as a human being, faults and all, than when I was at Naukeag."

"McLean staff gave me life, and I am forever grateful. There couldn't be a nicer place to regain awareness as in Ashburnham ... what a wonderful place to wake up to! ... You're all wonderful folks, and vital to wellness in the world."

"I want to thank each and everyone of the Naukeag staff for your time and your caring love you showed me. For some reason you all seemed to bring out the magic in me. I'll never forget this place, but most of all, I'll never forget the people who make it all happen. You've shown me the door and how to open it. That is, I think the most precious gift that anyone could give me."

"I have been thinking about everyone I met at Naukeag in August of 2006. I just want to let you know that I am doing fine and have been sober since August 9, 2006. I would like to thank the staff for all of their wisdom they gave me during my stay over there. I lost my husband due to a heart attack three weeks after I returned home in New Orleans, and without my stay there, I wouldn't have been able to cope through the crisis. I am now living in Baton Rouge, LA in a condo and am waiting to become a grandma in July. I hope everyone is doing fine and I again Thank You for all of your support."

"I came upon a place one day
made of brick and stone
and entered through the doorway
for a short time to call it home.

McLean at Naukeag The halls were filled with people
from every walk of life-
husband, brother, son
mother, daughter, wife
And other people trained to help us
with what brought us to this place
To understand these demons
confront them face to face.

My stay was like a coaster
filled with ups and downs
but towards the end of my stay
it was clarity I found.

So now I bid farewell to all my new found friends
and leave you with this thought
as the first part of my journey ends.

Embrace the help that is here for you
to help you get back home
and find the hope I found
in this place of brick of stone."

What a patient's family says:

"We are writing to express our thanks and gratitude to the staff at Naukeag for the excellent care and guidance shown to our son while he was there in rehabilitation. Words cannot express the hope you have given us and the solid base that our son now has to work with. We will be forever grateful to the Naukeag program and the people who make it work so well. You hold a special place in our hearts."