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The Northern New Englander Newsletter Vol 4 Issue 1 (pdf)

NIDA CTN New England Consortium Node
The McLean Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Program (ADATP) is the Regional Research & Training Center (RRTC) for the New England Consortium Node of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Clinical Trials Network (CTN) in collaboration with researchers from Yale University. Roger D. Weiss, M.D. of McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School and Kathleen Carroll, Ph.D. of the Yale School of Medicine are the Principal Investigators of the New England Consortium Node. The primary goal of the CTN is to improve the overall quality of drug abuse treatment in community settings by bringing university-affiliated researchers and community-based clinicians together to design clinical trials testing the effectiveness of behavioral, pharmacological, and integrated behavioral and pharmacological treatment interventions across a broad range of community-based settings and diverse patient populations.

About the New England Consortium Node
The goal of the New England Consortium Node is to combine the expertise of researchers from McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Yale University and other area academic institutions with community-based treatment programs to develop and implement addiction treatment studies in the community programs so that patients receive the full benefit of the evolving science of addiction treatment.
The New England Consortium Node Community Treatment Programs (CTPs) have excellent clinical reputations in the region, with both the programs and their directors viewed as leaders in the area. These sites offer a broad array of treatment settings, patient characteristics, and diversity in geography (i.e., urban, rural, and suburban), ethnicity, age, gender, psychiatric comorbidity, and levels of care. CTP personnel are interested in participating in clinical research and have genuine enthusiasm for the overall concept and goals of the CTN.

Regional Research & Training Center profile
The New England Consortium Node Regional Research & Training Center (RRTC) under the direction of Roger D. Weiss, M.D. and Kathleen Carroll, Ph.D. is one of thirteen RRTCs across the country. Each RRTC is affiliated with groups of Community Treatment Programs. The New England Consortium RRTC works in collaboration with its affiliated Community Treatment Programs and with the other nodes in the CTN.

New England Consortium Node Newsletter

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CTN - New England Consortium Node People

Meet the investigators, staff, co-investigators and consultants affiliated with the Northern New England Node here.

New England Consortium Node Community Treatment Programs

Information about community treatment programs affiliated with the New England Consortium Node is available here.

Current Protocols

Information about the CTN protocols conducted within the New England Consortium Node is available here.

Publications and Presentations

A list of publications and presentations by CTN New England Consortium Node staff is available here.