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MCL 2484: Computational Modeling based on Biologically Realistic Neurons

Peter J. Siekmeier, M.D., et al.

Background and Description

The invention provides a valuable adjunct to high-throughput screening (HTS) and other tools of modern drug discovery for neuropsychiatric disorders. Specifically, it comprises a method for computer modeling in a computational network constructed from simulations of biologically realistic neurons. These simulated neurons are assembled into a neural network that will react analogously to, and mimic, human systems. The system models disease-afflicted neural tissue and its reaction to pharmacological interventions at targets such as cell surface ion channels. Thus, the model allows a user to assess medication effects in silico at the level of single neuronal cells and to extrapolate effects on larger biological systems (e.g. brain areas implicated in the pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia).

Potential Commercial Uses

The computational network models of the invention can be used as a modern drug discovery tool either alone or in conjunction with traditional methods of medicinal chemistry, rational drug design, in silico computer-aided drug design, or high throughput screening methods. The model will be particularly useful for those psychiatric disorders that lack adequate animal models, and may also be useful in conjunction with the computational modeling system covered in McLean invention MCL 1760.0 (U.S. Patent Application 10/515,458).

Publication and Patent Status

McLean Hospital is the owner of a pending U.S. patent application claiming this invention.

Licenses Available

McLean Hospital is offering a worldwide exclusive license to this technology.

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