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02/25/14 McLean Hospital Researchers Find Inherited Pathway of Risk for Schizophrenia
01/21/14 Autism Risk Gene Controls Normal Brain Wiring, Report McLean Hospital Researchers
01/16/14 McLean Hospital Chief Scientific Officer Earns Julius Axelrod Prize


12/02/13 Increased Brain Activity May Hold Key to Eliminating PTSD
11/26/13 Nancy K. Mello, Pioneer in Substance Abuse Research, Dies at 78
11/25/13 Pope Francis Invites Stem Cell Researcher Ole Isacson to Present at the Vatican
09/17/13 McLean Hospital Researcher Says Intensive, Early Therapy Helps Children with Autism Improve Communication Skills
07/23/13 Patients Prefer Talk Therapy to Psychiatric Medications, Report McLean Hospital Researchers
04/05/13 McLean Hospital's Roger Weiss earns Hazelden's Dan Anderson Research Award
04/02/13 McLean Hospital Researcher to Receive New NIH funding as Part of Autism Centers of Excellence
03/04/13 Protein Synthesis Blocker May Hold Key to Reducing Effects of Traumatic Events


11/01/12 Although Valuable, Brain Imaging Alone Cannot Diagnose Autism
10/01/12 McLean Researcher Francine Benes Earns Prestigious Mentoring Award
10/01/12 Eleven McLean Hospital Scientists Receive NARSAD Young Investigator Awards
05/16/12 McLean Hospital study finds Herbal Extract may curb binge drinking
05/02/12 McLean Researchers Report on a New Nanotechnology That May Enhance Medication Delivery and Improve MRI Performance


11/07/11 Suboxone is Most Effective in Treating Painkiller Addiction
01/25/11 McLean Researchers Urge Increased Pain Training for Psychiatrists


12/02/10 University of Utah and Harvard Researchers Take Major Step Toward First Biological Test for Autism
11/15/10 McLean Study Shows Greater Cognitive Deficits in Marijuana Users Who Start Young
04/27/10 American Heart Association Rapid Access Journal Report:


10/19/09 Stimulus Package Benefits Research at McLean Hospital
06/23/09 Study Questions Existence of Unconditional Maternal Love
06/03/09 New Stem Cell Technique Eliminates Risks and Ethical Concerns
05/15/09 Researchers Identify the Brain's On-Off Switch for Fear
04/15/09 Landmark Study Links Steroid Abuse to Key Biological and Psychological Characteristics


09/24/08 Major Summit Places McLean Hospital and Dalhousie University at Forefront of Stem Cell Research and New Clinical Trials
07/23/08 Novel Imaging Study of Pain Sheds Light on Mystery Condition
06/22/08 McLean Hospital Releases New Tool for Psychiatric Outcomes Survey
05/13/08 TIME Magazine Names Harvard "Brain Bank" Spokesperson One of the Most Influential People in the World
05/05/08 Five McLean Hospital Scientists Receive NARSAD's Prestigious 2008 Young Investigator Award
03/31/08 Research Revenue (2008)
02/21/08 Neuroregeneration Center at McLean Hospital and the Brain Repair Centre at Dalhousie University Sign Collaborative Agreement


08/22/07 Jack Mendelson, MD, Pioneer in Substance Abuse Research, Dies at 77
08/20/07 Neuron Connections May Be Key to Stemming Parkinson's Disease
08/20/07 Finding on memory could lead to new treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
07/12/07 Risk Factors for Drug Overdose Identified
06/11/07 Study Finds Yoga Associated with Elevated GABA Levels
06/04/07 Identification of Genes Provides New Clues into the Causes of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder
04/30/07 Hormonal Imbalance Triggers Water Intoxication in Marathoners
03/21/07 Study Questions Criteria for Diagnosing PTSD
03/07/07 NIDA Launches First Large-Scale National Study to Treat Addiction to Prescription Pain Medications
02/01/07 First National Survey on Eating Disorders Finds Binge Eating More Common Than Other Eating Disorders
01/12/07 Research Revenue
01/03/07 McLean Study Finds Integrated Group Therapy Better than Standard Group Therapy for People with both Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse


09/28/06 Zinc May Play Prominent Role in Fear Response and Other Learned Behavior, McLean Hospital Researchers Find
09/22/06 Novel Treatments for Neurological Diseases to be Explored at Cambridge Conference
06/30/06 New Combination of Treatments is Effective for Alcohol Dependence
06/30/06 NIH Budget Cuts to Affect Success Rate of Awards
06/30/06 Partners Research Revenue Report Shows Strong Growth
06/30/06 Study Using New Imaging Technology Detects Subtle Brain Changes in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes
05/31/06 Study Identifies Critical Brain Areas Involved in Stress and Anxiety
04/30/06 Binge Eating Disorder May Have Genetic Ties


11/17/05 Brain Protein May Play Role in Innate and Learned Fear
10/11/05 McLean Study Identifies New Area of Brain Linked to Drug Addiction
09/30/05 Partners Research Revenue Report Shows Continued Growth at McLean
09/30/05 Uwe Rudloph Joins McLean Research
08/31/05 Partners Research Revenue Report Shows Continued Growth at McLean
08/31/05 John Hennen, McLean Biostatician, Dies
08/31/05 Heckers and Konradi to relocate to Vanderbilt
08/31/05 Benes Article Links Amygdala to Schizophrenia
07/31/05 Partners Research Revenue Report Shows Strong Growth at McLean
07/31/05 Pope Testifies Before House Committee
06/30/05 Partners Revenue Report Shows Strong Research Growth
06/30/05 McLean Jumps Up in Ranking of Top NIH-funded Hospitals
06/30/05 Rebecca Ralph Receives Alfred Pope Award
05/31/05 Partners Revenue Report Shows Strong Research Growth
05/31/05 Study Shows Kudzu to be an Effective Alcohol Treatment
05/31/05 Isacson Study Shows Dopamine Neurons May Rebuild Brains in Parkinson's Patients
04/28/05 Partners Research Revenue Report Shows Strong Growth at McLean
04/28/05 Effects of magentic fields on human mood corroberated by animal study
04/28/05 Isacson named to Michael J. Fox Foundation scientific advisory board
04/20/05 Carlezon Museum of Science Lecture Online
03/28/05 Three Mailman Research Center investigators awarded prestigious grants
03/28/05 Isacson study reveals more details on the effects of Huntington's Disease
03/24/05 Misdiagnosis of ADHD and prescription drug use in children may lead to later depression
03/24/05 Benes elected as member of Institute of Medicine
03/23/05 McLean study suggests that Omega-3 fatty acids may prevent depression as well as antidepressant drugs
03/23/05 McLean study shows different levels of body image distortion in Taiwan, United States and Europe


12/12/04 Early Ritalin Exposure May Cause Long-Term Effects on the Brain
11/09/04 McLean Hospital Researcher Awarded NIH Grant to Map the Brain
11/04/04 McLean Hospital Researcher Elected to Elite National Organization
10/05/04 McLean Hospital Researchers Receive Grants to Study Fear and Schizophrenia
09/01/04 McLean Introduces New Tool to Measure Effectiveness of Care
08/06/04 Kinney Lab Discovers Links Between Flu, Schizophrenia
07/30/04 New study on Huntington's disease reveals pathology and new treatment options
06/30/04 Thirteen McLean Researchers Recieve NARSAD Young Investigator Awards
06/30/04 McLean Ranks High Amongst NIH-funded Research Hospitals
06/03/04 McLean Hospital Mourns Loss of Revered Schizophrenia Researcher
06/01/04 Alisa Busch and Ao Zhang Receive Alfred Pope Awards
06/01/04 Carlezon Wins NTSC Presidential Early Career Award
05/05/04 McLean Study Indicates Medicaid Patients with Subcontracted Treatment Less Likely to Receive Some Treatments
03/03/04 McLean Hospital Researchers Suggest Cause of Bipolar Disorder
03/01/04 Konradi Lab Study Shows Link Between Mitochondrial Effectiveness and Bipolar Disorder
02/24/04 Federal Budget to Increase for NIH and NSF, Decrease for Other Programs
02/20/04 Perry Renshaw Promoted to Professor of Psychiatry
01/07/04 Keeping Synapses Clean May Hold Key To Fear-Conditioning
01/07/04 Unique Type of MRI Scan Shows Promise in Treating Bipolar Disorder

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