Carlezon Museum of Science Lecture Online

April 20th, 2005

"Between three and twelve percent of school-age children may suffer from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Known by the acronym ADHD, the condition manifests itself with inappropriate impulsivity, lack of attention and in some cases, hyperactivity. Fortunately, the prescription drug Ritalin can ease ADHD's symptoms. But since ADHD is difficult to diagnose accurately, doctors wonder what effect Ritalin might have on patients wrongly diagnosed with the disorder."

In February Bill Carlezon, PhD, director of McLean's Behavioral Genetics Laboratory, delivered a lecture on Ritalin and ADHD at the Museum of Science, Boston. Carlezon, along with Susan Andersen, PhD, director of the Laboratory of Developmental Neuropharmacology, discovered that the long-term effects of Ritalin on children may cause depression later in life.

The Museum lecture is now online, courtesy of WGBH Boston, at

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